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Accepted by All Insurance Companies

Water Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services
Family house in Houston suburb flooded f

Why Choose Superior Disaster Cleanup?

- Fully Licensed, Insured, and Certified 

- 24-Hour Emergency Services Available

- Free On-Site Evaluation During Business Hours

- Personalized Service 

- Certified to Work With All Insurances

- Assists with Insurance Claims

- Flexible Self-Pay Options

- Locally-Owned and Operated

- Free Phone Consultations & 2nd Opinions

Water is a constant threat to your home. It can damage your belongings and compromise the structure of the building itself. It can also provide a perfect breeding ground for mold growth. 

Sources of water can include (but are not limited to):

  • Broken pipes

  • Leaking water lines

  • Damaged sprinklers or sprinkler lines

  • Ice Dams

  • Roof Leaks

  • And Much More!!

It is important to hire a contractor with experience who can keep the water from spreading and determine the correct source of water. This can save you money by limiting the damage to as small of an area as possible. We can also determine if the water damage is something that could be covered by your insurance and work directly with them on your behalf. 

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