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Prevention and Treatment for your Environment during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Rendition of Coronavirus Structure

Seems like everyone is talking about Coronavirus. Between the daily press briefings from President Trump, the CDC issuing updates, business closures, and toilet paper shortages, it can be overwhelming to think about. However, preventing the spread of Coronavirus is fairly simple and uncomplicated. Following these guidelines (and any others that may become recommended soon by the CDC) can slow the spread and protect the ones you love. This is especially important for those individuals that we come in contact with that could be in high-risk groups.

To prevent the spread from person to person, please visit the CDC website HERE. We encourage you to follow these guidelines as well as maintaining social distancing to slow the spread of the virus.

During this time, it is extremely important to maintain a clean environment. Superior Disaster Cleanup is well versed in practices established by the

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved several products that disinfect the environment after contamination of Coronavirus. Superior Disaster Cleanup uses the following disinfectants specifically for environmental disinfection:

Surface applications, as well as dry fog methods, are used.

Ozone has also been shown to be effective against killing the virus. A Thailand Medical News article released on February 5th documents how ozone affects viruses of the same structure as the coronavirus. Remember that caution must be taken when using this treatment in your home as it is extremely toxic to humans and animals. Only professionals should be using this equipment.

Hydroxyl generators have similar effects as Ozone but have not yet been tested to the degree that Ozone has in disinfecting environments from COVID-19.

As always, Superior Disaster Cleanup strives to help you live your healthiest life. We are very conscious of your health and follow all CDC guidelines to limit the spread of disease. This includes wearing masks during our on-site consultations. We wish we could shake hands but we are trying not to do that either. Give us a call at (801)639-9069 for a free consultation to disinfect your home or business today!


Note: This list is not comprehensive of all disinfectants. Additional products will likely be added as continued testing, review, and registration continues. Please check the list regularly for updates.

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